Basically, marketing involves various terms such as SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM. Also, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media etc.

With digital marketing, you can easily increase the brand value of your business just by promoting your brand online.

You can learn everything about digital marketing within a short time with the video link given below:

Generally, Marketing means building trust in the audience by convincingly showcasing your brand. Those days are gone when the people use to send messages about their brands or products and make them your customers. But now everything has become digital. You can promote your business online with new trends.

You can know what type of audience you can target and how to engage them with your products. It can be content-wise, social media-wise, marketing-wise etc. Similarly, you should know your competitors, how they are promoting their business, what type of expects they are working on? etc.

You can learn everything about digital marketing within a short time with the video link given below:

Marketing is not only about promoting your business products and services. It about how you do promote your business. It’s the process of leveraging different marketing leveraging like search engines, social media networks to reach your target audience.

Through digital marketing, you can find people interested in your offers, interact with them, build trust with your brand and convert them into customers. Many more concepts of digital marketing are been thought of in this video.

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Making a decision is a big task. No matter how carefully you make a decision that takes a lot of understanding to make a correct decision. Deciding to start a business is good but need to decide what type of business you want to start.

People think if we start a business, no need to go for jobs, we can earn our salary. For example, do you know about “jio case study” a perfect example of your understanding? How they started their business, what decision they took for their future growth?

And Many more queries you know in the below video link:

People mindset, thoughts have changed, These days they are not confident enough about themselves. Their thinking is like to grow in business English communication skills is needed, to get a job English communication skills is needed, Should know English to do anything.

Yes, communication is needed to step forwards, but it doesn’t mean speaking in English. It means to make understand the concept in your language. Having a friendly talk with co-employees, putting the conversation in an impressive way to the client so that he/she convinces.

Communication skill is not what you speak, it how well you describe the concept or the conversation in your language. Start thinking different and smart.

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Yes, Parents do need Business counselling0 about how is children’s career going be? What type of advancements are have been come up? What type of skills can improve your children’s mindset and helps them grow in future?

Everyone thinks about his child career, not a bad thing but make them…

Not exactly! But people are much addicted to it, thinking like to start a business you need to first quit the job. Stop thinking in that way, can’t you manage your day with your job and sketch a business plan. If you feel it’s tuff then what about Saturday and Sunday why can’t you use them to plan a business idea.

Think smarter you may get many ideas to start a business. Quitting the job is not the only thing you should do. If you still feel to quit first execute your business plan and start up a business, save money then you can slowly quit the job.

For more information on the topic watch the below video link:

In today’s generation, People started thinking about how to earn money online? What type of skills do I need for earning? and many more questions will run in your mind.

There many three most beneficial skills that can help to earn online, they are;

1. Digital Marketing.

2. Graphic Designer.

3. Blogging and Content Creation.

These three skills have lots of craze in India and help you gain knowledge about how a business grows.

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Every individual after completing his graduation, coming up with marvellous plans to start up a business with their team members. But till today non of them started due to some hurdles. When I have gone through the problem I heard that they are lacking behind in getting support from their parents.

This generation of parents are not giving chance to decide instead there are only deciding their children’s future goals and career. That is the reason though they have plans to start the business without getting support from parents they had to put a full stop to it.

For all the parents please understand the goals of their children, what they want to do? etc. Give them a chance to prove their talent that they can achieve anything.

For more knowledge on the topic watch the below video link:

From a graduate student to a high salaried employee, everyone has thoughts to starts a business. But the common doubt that they have is “According to today’s trends what type of business can we start to get success in future?”

To start a Business not only ideas but also analysis and research is also important. According to my analysis I have three best business ideas which are analysed and researched, they are;

1. Healthy food Business.
2. Digital Marketing Company.
3. Animation services Business.

Learn more in detail about the three business concepts in this video link given below:

Vamshi Kurapati

I write stuff that helps start-up companies and young entrepreneurs.

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