Network Marketing is Fraud or Genuine? | Vamshi Kurapati.

When I posted an Instagram QnA story asking this same question. I received 100+ replies saying its Fraud. While some said they have been into network marketing and it’s not a fraud, And some were asking for a perfect explanation so that they can decide whether to get into it or not. These were the different thought process that I came across.

So now, let me tell you my personal opinion and experiences on Network Marketing.
Firstly, Network Marketing is loophole-based Network Marketing.
A loophole is something that any strategy cannot be proved to be fraudulent or illegal. Usually, Tax practitioners, Income consultants, Chattered Accountants while filing Incometax returns use different techniques to hide tax savings in which loophole is one of them.
Loopholes exist in any law, It may be either Business law, Civil law, or Criminal law. Every law has some or another loophole.
Casting these loopholes is only the loopholes-based business modules. In which Network Marketing is one among them is what I feel.

So, In general, if you ask me, Is network marketing completely fraud? Then No, Some companies are genuine and some are fraudulent.
Now, What do genuine companies do? How can we trust them?
Approximately, 15–20 years back when there were no televisions and smarts phones with most of the people, Networking marketing was a type of marketing that was used by companies to expand their business.
For getting a practical example watch this video below where I have shared my personal experience too. [2:38–7:16]

This is completely based on my personal experience, I am not here to degrade anyone or anyone’s business.
Network Marketing has good benefits too. For example, you can learn sales techniques. If we get to know sales techniques that ultimately mean we become good with communication skills, Leadership skills, Professionalism, etc.
If anyone approaches you with such business techniques make sure that you do complete research using various platforms like Youtube, Quora where you will get complete information.

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